Saturday, August 4, 2012

DYIA Part 2

Back in June Icing Inspirations brought Rick and Sasha from Cakelava for a second round of fun filled cakes and a room full of eager cake decorators. Of course i was one of them! Rick's style for cakes is not your standard way of cakes, he thinks outside of the box and improvises when it comes to adding details and additions to his cakes. This year we had two new challenging cakes. A four tiered Tattooed cake and a Sushi Platter cake. (Which sorry to say Rick i am still not a fan of Sushi)

I love learning from Rick as it really gets you to find your Inner Artist and helps you to find ways to challenge yourself with cakes. These two new cakes were no exception, especially the four tiered tattooed cake. Trying to cover cakes that are on an angle that i have never done was very challenging. But i pushed through the breakage of fondant, my hot hands as they tend to melt the fondant and the frustration to make it look perfect.

I had the privilege to be surrounded by such talented cake decorators and seeing some old friends who were in last year's class.

 Sorry Laurie i couldn't resist. This is how short people cover cakes! I should know i'm one of them.


I still have no desire to actually eat Sushi.
Sorry Rick the other picture you were too serious and who are we kidding you're not that serious :)
A BIG Thanks to Chrissie and Justin for hosting Rick and Sasha and bringing them back for Round 2 of Discover Your Inner Artist! Did i Discover my Inner Artist, i would say yes to that. If you ever get a chance to take Rick's Discover your Inner Artist Class, i highly recommend it. You are in for a treat with Rick he's good at making fun of people, Oh wait that's only me! :)

Here is a link to some of the coolest people i met or know in this years class.
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