Saturday, June 25, 2011

1st Friend Sleepover

When you become a parent you tend to look forward to your child growing up and them being able to have their friends over. This was Callie's first friend sleep over. She's done overnighters with family but this would be her first experience having one of her friends over. She still talks about it to this day, who knew a 4 year old could absorb so much and have this amazing memory, way better than my own memory. So Callie had her friend Brielle sleep over and of course what did the girls want to do, bake a cake! Not just a boring kind of cake a princess cake and of course she had to be pink! So that is exactly what we did, we made a princess cake and of course we made chocolate and vanilla cake and i tinted the vanilla cake to be pink!



The girls were patiently waiting for the cake to be finished!

I had such great little helpers with me. We had the cake filled with crushed Oreos and fresh strawberries.


Almost done girls!

Ta Da! All ready! Of course we had to add a bit of glitter to the dress so i used the glitter Dusting Powder that i bought at Icing Inspirations.

I wonder if they were excited to have their cake! :)


  1. Oh - what a great post! The kids are adorable and they looked like they had so much fun with it!

  2. simply adorable. both the the cake and the girls :)