Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Blues

So i thought January was going to start off to be better, but so far it's been kind of a let down. I haven't had any new orders (which kind of sucks) and i also haven't had the time to do any fun baking at home (work is too busy). With winter in full force and the family is now getting a round of colds it's hard to be motivated to do anything but sleep or put my butt on the couch and watch TV. One thing on the positive side is i have been working out more which is a good thing as i want to feel better and healthy! We bought a Wii which i found is fun and motiviating. I'm not a gym person and finding the time to hit the gym is difficult.

In the meantime here is the little person who lights up my life each day! This picture is courtesy of our daycare provider Jen! She is an amazing photographer and definietly knows how to capture Callie's fun loving personality!

studio with all daycare kids 002platinum

Hopefully i'll have a new post soon!


  1. Your little one is so cute! Keep going, orders will come in.

  2. Winter blows... love the pic tho!