Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bakerella visited the Big T-O!

So on December 8th Bakerella made her grand entrance at the William Sonoma on Bloor Street West. A great turn out for her first visit to the Big City! I begged my sister to attend as i didn't really want to go alone. So i made my journey to the city for part of the day and met my sister downtown. We got their early enough that when we arrived at William's Sonoma we were told to go upstairs and grab a number.


Sure enough we grabbed #9 and #10. We were also told that the first 10 people in line got to stand at the front! Wahooooo! I was very excited to have gotten there so early to get #9 and #10.

So with so much time to waste what did i do, Shop of course! Did i buy anything, not really. We did go for a coffee though! MMMMM Starbucks.

While waiting for Bakerella to make her grand apperance i turned around to find these two lovely ladies with the coolest shirts possible! I would love a shirt like that!

Ok now onto the Bakerella photos!

Are these not the coolest shoes!



Bakerella also did a book signing! Of course i bought the book at William Sonoma, i waited on purposed until the Saturday!

Bakerella, myself and my sister Jess!

Me explaining my first failed attempt at Cake Balls

Bakerella and my sis Jess!


  1. adorable! you and your sis look so similar but with different hair shades...!

    to answer your query about rosette topped cupcakes, it's a simple 1M open star tip -- start in the middle and pipe outwards. try it a few times first and soon enough you will be a pro at it!

    xo lyndsay

  2. You are so lucky you got to meet her! She looks so fun and bubbly!