Monday, November 15, 2010

My first cake testing....

So 2010 has been an exciting year and hopefully that means 2011 will bring more cakes and cool surprises!

Last week was my very first cake testing and i was excited and nervous at the same time. As a baker you critique your own work and whenever i would take cakes or cupcakes to work and of course i'd get nothing but thumbs up. But showcasing my cupcakes for someone i don't know can be a bit nerve wracking. I knew the couple wanted to do cupcakes for their wedding and i was happy to do so. I found out that their favorite flavors were chocolate and vanilla. I decided to make chocolate, vanilla, lemon and marbled cupcakes to give a variety. The icings i used were vanilla, chocolate, chocolate ganache and lemon buttercreams.






The couple decided on chocolate with chocolate buttercream and vanilla with vanilla buttercream. The cake will also have a cake topper of a 6 inch cake in a quilted pattern with the couple sitting on top of the cake. I am very excited to do this cake next year. The couple themselves were super sweet and i hope their wedding day is a beautiful day without rain for them!


  1. Wow! You really went all out - puts our cake tastings to shame!! Best of luck in the new year - great work.

  2. Lucky couple to get to taste all those cupcakes!

  3. there was even enough to take some home. :D

  4. good-looking cupcakes! I don't think you can go wrong with a choice like chocolate and vanilla!