Monday, October 25, 2010

Nothing will change with the baby!

So i was asked to do a cake for a family member who just recently had a new addition to the family. A baby girl! (Congrats by the way) Apparently he was an avid golfer and loved his shaggy dog! (Apparently he played 6 days of the week, obsessed yes!)

So i was asked to do a cake to incorporate the golf theme, his shaggy dog and the newest family addition!

The cake was chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache and then covered in butter cream and fondant.

The cake looked great and i loved the dog, but doing people i need some serious help with that. I think i need to start doing people with modelling chocolate.




  1. love it! i like the man too. makes me laugh. so strong and he looks like he is saying something. love it!