Monday, October 25, 2010

Nothing will change with the baby!

So i was asked to do a cake for a family member who just recently had a new addition to the family. A baby girl! (Congrats by the way) Apparently he was an avid golfer and loved his shaggy dog! (Apparently he played 6 days of the week, obsessed yes!)

So i was asked to do a cake to incorporate the golf theme, his shaggy dog and the newest family addition!

The cake was chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache and then covered in butter cream and fondant.

The cake looked great and i loved the dog, but doing people i need some serious help with that. I think i need to start doing people with modelling chocolate.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soccer and Flowers make a nice combo

This cake was made for two sisters who have opposite tastes. One loves soccer and the other sister loves pretty/colorful flowers. So why not put them together for a nice combination in a cake.

The cake was vanilla cake with cookies and cream. The soccer ball was a chocolate cake, all covered in Buttercream and Fondant. The flowers are also made out of Fondant.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome Baby Aziz-Ross

Fall seems to be a popular time to be pregnant! My co-worker and friend Jen and her hubby Sal are expecting their very first bundle of joy! We did a work baby shower and of course i couldn't help but make some desserts! I made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache and raspberries on top. I also added a little welcome sign on them!


Friday, October 8, 2010

So long, farewell.....

I bet you have the Sound of Music song in your head now! I know i do. :D

This cake was for a client who's sister was moving from ONT to NWT. So what better way to send them off than with a cake! They wanted decorations incorporated onto the cake to represent the family. The Scottish Lion, the NWT Flag, their daughter Emily swimming, Electric Guitars to represent the dad and son and of course their dog (A Chihuahua).

The Cake was chocolate cake w/ chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries in the middle. The cake was covered with vanilla buttercream and Fondant. All decorations are made out of Fondant.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh Baby!

My co-worker/Friend Deanna is expecting her 2nd bundle of joy (i say in a few days, she says in about 2 weeks) I decided to throw her a baby shower with some of the coolest girls from the office. It was a nice relaxing evening with lots of food, lots of sweets and of course wine for those who were able to drink! Deanna got some of the cutest baby clothes and of course home made gifts as well!

The cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla buttercream! MMMMMMMM

Gotta luv the sweets table!