Monday, September 13, 2010

Buddy from Cake Boss!

So this past Saturday (Sept 11-10) Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss was in Toronto at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

My sister went with me so i decided to take a picture of the two of us while awaiting Buddy's Arrival. My sister is on the left and I'm on the right.

I didn't really know what to expect but boy was i ever impressed at the end of it! Buddy came out down one of the Aisles greeting fans, shaking their hands, giving them hugs! He is genuinely a nice person and was eager to see his fans.

The evening was 2 hrs of pure entertainment starting with a Big Welcome to his fans and thanks for coming out to support his tour. Throughout the night he would discuss how he got started in the family business. I had no idea that at 17 his father passed away and he dropped out of school to run the business. But before that he was a child who would get into trouble and on weekends he would work at the Bakery washing toilets, cleaning pans, anything but baking. As Buddy got older he would start baking small things such as cookies. Well at that point he didn't want to screw that up, this was his chance to do something new. He said he knew he had the talent and this was his calling.

Buddy had a few competitions, first the women, then the men and then the kids (i did not post the pictures just in case)

We even got a sneak peek of the newest Cake Boss creation.

One thing i didn't know about Buddy was that he is on the Board for the Make A Wish Foundation! He said so far he has been able to grant 4 Wishes, which is unbelievable!

To finish off the night Buddy did a question and answer section and while the audience asked Questions he was piping a cake. Man now that is talent, i would have to concentrate while piping a cake. He could probably do that in his sleep.


  1. cool!! it is kind of crazy how a bunch of middle aged new jersey italian big dudes can make some very pretty and feminine cakes! i love it, totally goes against the stereotype of the female cake decorator...! :)

  2. I sort of just stumbled on your website through pink little cake's blog. I love cake boss too and it was really nice to learn more about him in this post :)