Friday, August 13, 2010

My 100th Post!

Wahoo! I have finally made my 100th post. It has taken me over a year but i'm happy i'm still blogging and still enjoying the days when i get to bake. This past year has been an exciting year. I've had some challenging cakes that haven't turned out so well and then i've had the ones that have challenged me and have turned out beautifully!

This was my first summer learning what happens when you decorate a cake in a humid room. Fondant does not like humidity and fares badly when it's damp.
Another thing i've learned when it comes to creating and decorating cakes, it takes patience and time. Nothing can be done in a couple of hrs.

I don't think i could have done so well without the help of my husband. He is always there when i have a challenging cake and always willing to help out. (I think secretly he likes doing it) I also have to thank my bloggie friends and twitter friends who comment on my cakes and even encourage me to keep going. There are so many talented cake decorators out there and they are always willing to give advice when i need help.

I can only get better from here on in and each time i do a cake it only gets better. There is still a lot i can learn and i'm eager to learn it and use it in my future cakes.

So i look forward to my next year and more years to come of baking and creating beautiful creations!


  1. Happy 100th post!!! I look forward to reading 100 more :o)

  2. Wow!! Congratulations :) So hear you on patience and time for cakes :)

  3. Happy 100th post to you! I look forward to all your baking and caking adventures and wonderful creations!

  4. Dude, were we not supposed to have cupcakes the week before I left!