Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coach Purse and Ballet Slippers

So first off this was my very first carving cake. I was very nervous as i wanted to make sure i got the right style and to make it look like what it needed to look like. A coach purse. I had a fun time doing this cake and I'm glad it came out as well as it did.

I thought I'd share a couple of carving pictures. I used Sweet Things post on the Purse Cake Tutorial. You should check out her blog, she is an amazing cake Artist from Toronto.

The flavoring was a marbled pound cake with vanilla buttercream covered with pink fondant.






  1. Thanks for sharing photos of how you carved the cake! It's very insightful! I admire how your buttercream can be so firm. I can't leave buttercream out at room temp like that otherwise it will turn into puddle of liquid. :( And i love your pink coach bag and the ballerina shoes too! Very pretty!

  2. so nice. looks like a real handbag :)

  3. Holy Moly ~ you did a fantastic job. The detail in your coach purse is amazing, right down to a name tag, studded pocket corners etc. You should be so very proud of this cake and the accompanying ballet slippers. Your fondant work is wonderful!

  4. how did I miss this post! Great pics! And thanks for the linking to my blog.