Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When baking goes bad....

So i have a cake order for this coming Saturday and i was baking the cakes last night. I've learned with my gas stove, i need to cook my cakes at 325 as opposed to 350. I find with the gas stove it's an uneven heat and baking at 350 tends to over cook the cakes and burns them a bit (not so great when you are on a time crunch) So needless to say i will be baking more cakes tonight, (grr) which limits my time on finishing the decorations for the cake on Saturday. What i need to do differently is bake them still at 325 but not as long as i did last night. Wish me luck and hopefully they turn out right.
For those bakers out there, do you normally use regular eggs or egg whites when making cakes? I prefer my cakes to be a bit stiffer but still moist but not too crumbly.
I also need to start experimenting with flavors a bit to give more options when doing cakes. Right now the 3 standards i have are, chocolate, vanilla and lemon.


  1. Hi you can make more flavours just by adding different flavours to your basic cakes. like chocolate and orange, or chocolate and coconut. that s what I do anyways :) good luck

  2. Good luck with your cakes and baking. My recipes are all different - so some call for egg whites only, some are eggs plus extra egg whites and some are just eggs.... yup - a lot goes into recipe testing and I found out when ovens change, some recipes don't cooperate anymore....