Friday, March 26, 2010

Indiana Jones is back!

This is a chocolate cake covered with chocolate buttercream. The cake is filled with fresh strawberries and fresh strawberry puree. All accents are fondant, even the trees. The trees my hubby worked on and he did an amazing job. I think i may have my very first tutorial on it! We used a clothes hanger to shape it for the trees. I put Graham Crackers on the cake as sand. The cake toppers were made purchased by the couple who ordered the cake.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pink is so pretty....

This cake screams out, GORGEOUS! Well at least in my mind. John asked for a lemon cake with fruit filling and of course pink roses. I had found a picture on the Pink Cake Box website with some bling on her cake. So i decided to add a bit of bling to Sarah's cake w/ an accent of pink ribbon around the edges. First off i love bling, anything that sparkles is good with me. :D The roses are made with fondant and dusted with dried vanilla. Who knew vanilla crystalized into something so beautiful.




Monday, March 22, 2010

A Sneek Peak...

I have a cake order this week and i thought i'd share a sneek peak at the Roses, Ribbon and the jewels. The roses are actually really bright pink but the lighting in my basement kind of sucks so at the moment it looks to be a redy/orange color. The sparkles on the Roses are actually dried up vanilla. I had no idea vanilla crystalizes into something beautiful. It's a great addition to a decoration such as flowers.



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Heart You!

A few years back my sister bought me a heart shaped pan for baking cakes. I rarely use it as i don't get many cake orders for heart shaped cakes. So i decided to make a cake since the guys and gals in the office haven't had a treat in awhile. I figured i'd keep it very simple so i did a white cake tinted pink. I had left over chocolate ganache and then i added white candy melts with red glitter in the middle.


(i think i did a way better job smoothing out the ganache this time around)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doggie and Baby

A few weeks back i took a course on how to make a baby and a dog. The class i took this at was courtesy of These two ladies know their stuff and they make the class so much fun!

You get to let your creative juices flow when making such cute little figurines. I decided to give the dog more of a shaggy look. (I need to work on that a bit more.) For the baby i added a couple of bottom teeth on her!

I thought i'd share a couple of pictures of the final results of my baby and dog! I hope i get a request to either do a baby or dog cake, they are just so cute!

These figurines are made out of Fondant!







If you're ever in the KW(Ontario) and want to learn how to make these cute little figurines, check out their classes section on their site. They offer a variety of classes each month!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Football anyone?

For those who watch or play football this is a cake you'll love! This cake was done for our friend's Annual Superbowl party, Colts vs. Saints! The bottom cake was a traditional white cake, the football is chocolate cake. Both covered with Buttercream. I never got a chance to have a piece of this cake as that weekend my little girl was really sick and had a fever all weekend. I did take her out for a bit as i was going a bit stir crazy. From what i heard the cake was delicious and i'm glad everyone got a chance to try it.