Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some of my very first cakes!

So i found these on my computer at work and figured i would share some of the very first cakes i made, during my courses at Michaels and other cakes i made for fun for friends!

Course 1 Cake - This cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Course 2 Cake - This cake was a vanilla flavoured cake that looked like a rainbow. Covered with vanilla buttercream and Fondant.

Football Game - 2008. I believe this was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant tinted green. All accents are fondant and i hand painted the wording.
superbowl cake

Grandparents Anniversary Cake - All 3 different flavors but i remember the icing was cream cheese and the diamonds were made out of candy melts put into a mold.
grandparents cake

Chocolate cake w/ chocolate icing and Fondant Butterflies
butterfly cake

Going away party for a dear friend who was moving to London, England. Vanilla and chocolate cake both with vanilla buttercream and covered in home made Fondant. This was the 2nd Fondant cake i made before even taking the Fondant Course so i went in this blindly and read a lot of threads on websites on how to use Fondant. I was quite impressed with it.

This was my very first fondant cake. Home made fondant as well. Someone told me once it looked like a Blues Clues cake.


  1. I couldn't decide on a fav until I got to the purse cake!! My girls would go gaga for that, it's awesome! They are all gorgeous though :)

  2. Great blog! I ran across some of my first cake photos the other day also! It's funny, when I made them I thought they were SO good and now I look back and think, OMG! What was I thinking! Your first fondant cake was awesome (much better than mine)!


  3. I just happened upon your blog. Great looking cakes.

  4. I love going back memory lane... thanks so much for sharing!