Sunday, November 15, 2009

My little helper

My daughter loves to bake and of course she is always wanting to help me whenever i need to bake something. :D


Trying to get Callie to smile for the camera is becoming so much harder.


She has to make sure that her cake dough is still in there. Plus i think she's also checking out how much longer it has so she can lick the bowl.


  1. lol, how cute is she!
    I always have to trick mine into smiling, they make the goofiest faces :)

  2. Mine just refuses to smile. I ask her and she says no. She's very good at saying no.

  3. Those pics are adorable. My sous chef is often looking away toward the food as well.

    Both my girls feel the need to keep their hands on the mixer too...what is that about?