Monday, July 27, 2009

To B or not to B

I went to my friend's going away party on the weekend and i offered to make the dessert. I made two different types of cakes. The top cake is a vanilla cake with whipped cream and strawberries in the middle, covered with buttercream and strawberries. The B is fondant. The bottom layer is chocolate w/ a hint of almond, chocolate ganache in the middle and then covered in chocolate buttercream. Everyone loved the cakes and so did i. My husband loved the vanilla cake and he's not much of a vanilla fan. I also played with the recipes a bit to make them a bit more dense. I used less liquid and added one more egg and it worked out well. Most of my cakes are moist which is great but i'd like to be able to use the same recipes for cutting them into shapes. I think i made it work!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping Anyone?

I was asked to make a cake for someones first wedding Anniversary. He loves to camp and his favourite color is orange. The flavor of the cake is chocolate and vanilla pound cake covered with buttercream and then fondant. The fire and stones are made out of fondant as well.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh Boy!

A friend asked me to make a baby shower cake as her sister in law was expecting a boy. She had a couple of requests. Colors were to be blue, green, brown and ivory. Flavoring had to be both Vanilla and chocolate. She also requested baby shoes and baby blocks that represented the soon to be babies initials, Jordan Alexander Valentine, the #23 to represent her brother's basketball jersey # and a basketball. I had free reign with the design and decided to keep it simple as the added accents would dress it up. Bottom tier is vanilla, top is chocolate, both covered in buttercream and fondant. The baby shoes were made out of gumpaste, the baby blocks are made out of rice crispy squares and then covered in buttercream and fondant.Top view of the cake.A view of the baby blocksA side image of the attempted "converse" shoes

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Graduation Cookies shaped as feet

My niece was having her grad party and instead of doing a cake i offered to make cookies in the shape of feet. I was originally going to do flip flop style but i was using a new kind of icing and i found it a bit difficult to use. The cookie recipe is from my Joy of Cooking Cook book (Rolled cookie) and the icing is from my Wilton Instructor Jenn. I don't know if i'd use this recipe again.

The cookies before they were dressed with icing.All dressed and packaged.Ready for the party!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry Everyone...

I've been slacking on the blogs lately. My 2 year old daughter had the flu last weekend and now my husband and i have it. Great timing for us! I've got a couple of posts ready to go, i'm just trying to find the energy to upload some pictures with them. Hopefully by the weekend a couple of new posts will be up.