Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Race Track Cake

I say there is a first for everything and this is one of them. My first gumpaste racing bike and my first time covering a cake in chocolate ganache. I had a co-worker who was coming into town and he is such a sweet-heart and loves CHOCOLATE! So i decided to make a dark chocolate cake w/ ganache icing. It was so yummy! i shaped it into a figure 8 and created it like a race track since he races bikes!A poorly up close image of DJ's license plate on the back of his bike.
This is DJ with his big piece of cake. I think when he finally did finish eating it and saving his own piece at my desk, he probably ate the smaller part of the figure 8 cake! He does not mess around when it comes to chocolate.


  1. All around awesome! DJ is awesome, the cake was awesome, watching you fuss over the bike all day was awesome!