Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Cupcakes

I went to a friend's baby shower on Sunday and offered to make cupcakes as a dessert. The cupcakes are vanilla flavored tinted with blue coloring. Icing is buttercream with a fondant cut out of a baby onsie and the letter C represents the new addition named Carter, in buttercream icing. The kids enjoyed the cupcakes. :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Race Track Cake

I say there is a first for everything and this is one of them. My first gumpaste racing bike and my first time covering a cake in chocolate ganache. I had a co-worker who was coming into town and he is such a sweet-heart and loves CHOCOLATE! So i decided to make a dark chocolate cake w/ ganache icing. It was so yummy! i shaped it into a figure 8 and created it like a race track since he races bikes!A poorly up close image of DJ's license plate on the back of his bike.
This is DJ with his big piece of cake. I think when he finally did finish eating it and saving his own piece at my desk, he probably ate the smaller part of the figure 8 cake! He does not mess around when it comes to chocolate.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Daisy Cupcakes

These cupcakes were so much fun to make. Lemon cupcakes filled with fruit filling (recipe from Calm in the Kitchen blog). I love this recipe from this blog because it's so moist and the fruit filling is amazing. The mom had asked for pale pink butter cream icing with white daisies with pink middles. I added a bit of pink pearl dust to add a bit of glitter. What girl doesn't like glitter?I decided to make 3 different sizes of daisies just to make it different.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to Summer Cake

I know i know I've been slacking on the posts lately. Work has been crazy which leaves little time for baking. But i finally got around to making a cake to take into work. I figure with summer just around the corner why not make a cake to resemble that. I also did it since my daughter loves water and I'm sure she'll want to swim in the pool if she could. This was my first time making a fondant figurine and I'm surprised and impressed with how it turned out. The cake is a chocolate pudding flavored cake and between the layers is whipped cream w/ sliced up strawberries. Icing is buttercream with fondant on top.